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1BHK Farm House
With 605 SqYards Plot

“A Subsidiary Company of & A Project By”

Discover Paradise

"Own Your Dream Farmhouse in Nature's Lap!"

a Project by Nature Lifespace!

1BHK Farm house
with 606 SqYards Plot

₹5.99 Lakhs


Cherish Precious Moments

Embrace Nature’s Embrace with Your Loved Ones!

150 Acres Of Projects

"Discover Our Expansive 150 Acres of Projects Near Narayankhed, Sangareddy!"

4+ Projects

"Choose Your Perfect Farmhouse: Explore Various Projects, Prices, and Locations to Suit Your Requirements!"

Gated Communities

"All Our Projects are Secured by Fencing, Entry Gates, and 24/7 Security."

CCTV Monitoring

"Every Farmhouse Secured by CCTV Cameras, Entire Project Monitored for Safety."

Plot Size

"Own a Luxury 1BHK Farmhouse extended on a 605 SqYards Plot area with House."

1BHK House

"Get a farmhouse of 10/20 feet sized with 1 bedroom & bathroom, & kitchen."

Plant Types

"As the plot is yours, you can decide the plantation type. By default, we are offering red sandalwood & fruit plants. Enjoy 15 years of free maintenance & Water supply through Drip irriagtion system."


"Enjoy the free amenities of Nature Lifespaces clubhouse by owning a farmhouse, including a swimming pool, play area, and other premium amenities, all for free."

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Please Note: The project is currently under development, and no model farmhouse has been built yet. If you place an order, we guarantee installation within 15 days of booking.

Ready in 15 Days

"Order Today, Move In Within 15 Days! Customize Your Dream Farmhouse at Extra Cost."

Made to Order (No Model Farmhouse Available)

Place your order now and witness your vision come to life! While no model farmhouse is currently available, rest assured that your customized farmhouse will be prepared in just a few days after order placement. Get ready to step into your dream retreat tailored to your desires.

Farm house with 605 SqYards Plot

Discover Farmhouse Bliss

24/7 Security

"Project offers 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance for your peace of mind. Enjoy safe and secure stays with your beloved one."

Water & Power Supply

"Every farmhouse enjoys uninterrupted Water & power supply & Power backup, ensuring a safe & comfortable stay."

Food Court

"Indulge in the freshest, organic fare served at our food court, sourced directly from our project. Taste the freshness and savor the organic goodness!"

Explore Farmhouse Living

Plot & Farmhouse Sizes, Crops, and More Await!

Plot Size:
605 SqYards

Clear Boundaries

"Every plot comes with distinct boundaries marked by 4 corner stones and road access provided to each and every plot."

Approach Roads

"The project features 30 and 20 feet wide roads with gravel, and it's conveniently located close to the main road."

20 x 10 Container Home

"Welcome to Your Compact Haven: Each Farmhouse Includes a 200 sqft Container Home, Complete with Basic Fittings, in a 20x10 Size."

Semi Furnished

Presenting a contemporary container house with a partitioned bedroom, open kitchen, complete with all wiring, fittings, lights, and two ceiling fans. Includes provisions for AC, ample windows, a partially equipped kitchen, water tank, and an Indian toilet for convenience.

Furniture Cost Extra

Install Furniture as per your budget & Requirements! Shipping & gst Extra*

Get Rental Income

Lease your farmhouse when not in use & Get regular Rental Income!

CCTV Camera

Total Project is Monitored by CCTV Cameras & 24/7 Security!

Proposed Club House & Farm Houses

2BHK Farm house Model with 1 Acre Purchase

2150666296 (1)

Proposed Nature’s Club House at Ghanpur Village

Buy a Farm House & Get Fruits & Vegetables to Your Home

Own a Farmhouse which produces Fresh, Organic Fruits, Vegetables & Cereals Delivered to Your Doorstep!

With Country Code

Natures Harvest Farm House

Get Vegetables to home

 Invest in a farm house or plot and enjoy a constant supply of crisp, organic vegetables delivered directly to your home. Alternatively, become a valued member of our Nature Lifespace and generate regular earnings by supplying your excess produce.

Get Fruits to Home

Purchase a farm house or plot and indulge in the bounty of fresh fruits delivered straight to your doorstep. Alternatively, join our Nature Lifespace community and earn a steady income by selling your surplus harvest.Only Plot Just ₹10.3Lakhs+

Get Cereals to home

Secure a farm house or plot and relish in the richness of freshly harvested cereals delivered to your door. Alternatively, participate in our Nature Lifespace initiative and create a sustainable income stream by sharing your surplus yield with the community.

Sell Excess or Total Tield to Nature Lifespace

Earn Regular Income every week*

Grow any crops as you wish


“Indulge in Nature’s Bounty: Each plot offers 40 thriving Red Sandalwood plants and 15 luscious Fruit plants, including Mango, Guava, Sapota, Orange, Pomegranate, Anjeer, and more. With road access and efficient drip irrigation for every plant, your farm is set for success. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of revenue sharing: all earnings from the Red Sandalwood crop are split in a fair 50:50 ratio. Dive into this harmonious blend of nature and prosperity at your fingertips.”

Projects & Pricing!

Perfect Plan


@ Ghanpur Village, Kangti


@ Utpalle & Damaragidda Village


@Phase-ii, Utpalle Village

Sandalwood Farm Plots
Narayankhed, Sangareddy

Embrace Serenity on Your Farmland Weekends

Life in Bloom

Harvest Happiness

Escape to Your Farmland Sanctuary

“Unveil extraordinary creativity at Nature Avenues Sandalwood Farms in Narayankhed. Our best farmland plots are the canvas for your dreams to flourish, where ordinary transcends to extraordinary, and life embraces boundless possibilities. Join us on this magical journey of rural prosperity and inspiration.”

Unleash your Inner Royalty

"Discover 4+ ongoing, fully developed sandalwood farmland projects across 200+ acres in Narayankhed with Nature Lifespace. Your gateway to a harmonious, natural lifestyle."

"Welcome to Eco Corridor, where nature thrives. Explore 200+ acres of farmland, meticulously developed with a commitment to zero plastic and zero pollution. Your sustainable oasis for a greener future."

"Step into Royals Farmhouse, an opulent escape. Experience 200+ acres of royal-themed farmland, sans plastic and pollution. Embrace regal living, sustainably."

"Royals Farmhouse: 200+ acres of fun! Clubhouse, cottages, play zones, cricket, tennis, food court, and a cool pool for your delightful escape."

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Safe family cottages in various projects for enjoyable holidays with your loved ones, offering top-notch security.

Swimming Pool

Refreshing swimming pools for endless fun and relaxation, ensuring a delightful experience.

Play Zone

Exciting kids & adult play zone featuring shuttle court, indoor & outdoor games, and more. Fun-filled activities for everyone to enjoy!

Anticipate the grandeur of our proposed Club House & Amenities, set to be fully ready and operational by March 2024. Get ready for an extraordinary experience that awaits!

Club House

Experience a vibrant club house with a diverse range of amenities. Membership starts at just ₹30k, granting access to a world of leisure and entertainment.

Food Court

Indulge in our delightful food court, where you can savor mouthwatering dishes crafted with organically grown fruits and vegetables from our very own projects. A true culinary delight awaits you!

Own a Cottage

Own a charming cottage and unlock the potential to earn rental income

Sandalwood Farm Plots

Plot Size
& Plantations

Discover the perfect blend of space and sustainability with plot sizes starting from 605 sq. yards, adorned with lush Red Sandalwood and fruitful plants. Embrace the essence of nature in your own piece of paradise.

First in Narayankhed

With Fencing
& Clear Boundaries

Nature Avenues Sandalwood Farms offers farm plots with fenced boundaries & You can install fence around your Plot marked by Corner stones, providing security and tranquility in a picturesque rural setting.

Sustained Excellence

15 Years of Free Project Maintenance

Our enduring commitment to project upkeep ensures a seamless and thriving environment for years to come.

Water Supply

Drip Irrigation

Efficient Watering with Drip Irrigation: Conserving water through targeted supply & will be easy to supply nutients with water supply.

Removing Weeds

Weed Eradication

Regular Cleaning and Weed Removal. Ensuring immaculate surroundings, we take pride in maintaining all plots with frequent cleaning and meticulous weed removal

Ensuring a Pest-Free Environment

Effective Pest Control

We employ targeted pesticide spray and comprehensive pest control measures to safeguard your surroundings from unwanted intruders. A pest-free environment is our top priority for your peace of mind.

Enhancing Crop Yield and Quality

Fertilizer Supply

Sustainable Growth for Sandalwood Plants: Fortifying with Essential Nutrients as Recommended by Agricultural Scientists. At our forefront, we prioritize sustainable and healthy growth for your Sandalwood plants.

if you are looking for best plot

The Best Farm Plot with us! ⏬

Grand Entrance Arch Model


Red Sandlwood Plants

Fruit Plants (8 Verities)

Cottages & Club

Wide angle background image of empty food court interior at modern shopping mall, copy space

Food Court & Coffee Bar

Children Playground in beautiful garden with mountains background

Children's Park



All Project Locations

JMK'S Nature Avenues & Green Leaves Location

Utpalle Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, Sangareddy District (Narayankhed), Telangana.

JMK'S Marigold Vista - Damaragidda

Seri Damaragidda Village, Nagalgidda Mandal, Sangareddy District (Narayankhed), Telangana.

JMK'S Royal's Farm - The Royal themed project

Ghanpur Village, Kangti Mandal, Sangareddy District (Narayankhed), Telangana.

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The Rise of Royal sandalwood tree

Grows Only in Indian Sub Continent & Australia

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